Study of the Book of Mormon and the Covenant

In Ether 4:14/15, the Israelites are invited to come to Christ, believe, and rend that “veil of unbelief” – and then they will know that “the Father hath remembered the covenant” all with them all along, but they (we?) were just too blind to see it!  I found it interesting that in v. 16, he says, “And then shall my revelations which I have caused to be written by my servant John be unfolded in the eyes of all the people.”  Is it then, that once we rend our unbelief and see God’s hand right now fulfilling the covenant, and learn what that covenant means, that then the book of Revelation will be plain, finally?  I like this reading.  The knowledge of the covenant is what is missing.  That’s what Nephi explains the Great and Abominable Church hid, took out, from the Bible- the covenant.  And the Book of Mormon itself says it comes to “show unto the remnant of the House of Israel what great things the Lord hath done for their fathers; and that they may know that they are not cast off forever” (title page).  This means the covenant, if I understand Nephi right.  That is what the Book  of Mormon is for, to announce that the Covenant given to Abraham on down to the Jews/Israelites is still in effect!  And we can be gathered up into it!

If this knowledge of a covenant was blurred a bit or just plain taken out of the Bible, then I can see how the Book of Revelation would become quite a mess.  Imagine trying to understand the history of the world without realizing that there was a covenant to be gathered up into, to preach, to claim, to rejoice in?  Nephi spends much time figuring out how this covenant will affect his people.  Isaiah talks over and over about God reaching out to fulfill this covenant. But if this is left out of the picture, what do you do with a prophecy of the last days?  I can see how interpreting John’s book would be so hard!  And now we have years and years of tradition built up, by people who didn’t know about the new and everlasting covenant.  And we have much to learn too, or at least I do.  D&C 84 calls us to repent, and take the Book or Mormon more seriously, even calling IT the New Covenant.  What work we have to do! A joyous, good work, of course. 🙂 Best kind of job there could be, reading scripture. 🙂  But I wonder what amazing things we’ll read in Revelation once we “rend the veil of unbelief”?  Joseph Smith said that the Book of Revelation was PLAIN! I wonder what he understood when he read it.



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