D&C 42: how do the first 10 verses shed light on vs.11-17?

1/4/10 Notes on D&C 42:

v. 12 talks about “elders, priests, and teachers” of this church – does this refer to missionaries or local teachers? Looking at verse 1, those who were commanded to go forth and preach were called “elders” who have assembled together. So, I would assume that we have switched from preaching elsewhere to general teaching counsel.

When those who do go forth, go forth, they go “in the power of my Spirit” and they “preach my gospel.” Further, they baptize declaring “Repent ye, repent ye, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.” v.5-7 Is this the gospel they were teaching? how does this differ from the principles of the gospel mentioned in verse 12?

v.8 I did find it interesting, as a side note, that they go Westward, from Ohio, and not eastward at all. They build up churches wherever they can until a gathering place is revealed, which of course we know was “westward” from Ohio, though they did not.

v.11 no one can go forth to preach or to build up unless the church knows they have been ordained. This is interesting – no one can teach people not of the church and baptize these people not of the church into the church unless those in the church know they can. The knowledge of his authority will rest with those in Ohio, but those to whom he preaching of course do not know who this or that person was that ordained him. The authority of course must be there, but those who must know about it are those already in the church. Hm!

v. 12 This is a switch: “and again” – to elders, priests, teachers of this church. This seems to be a switch to talking about those teaching in the churches already established and not was is to be preached. (but, it could be argued that this instruction applies since they are “elders” who are preaching.

v.13 Ah commas. It is written right now in such a way to imply that they both kept the articles/covenants and they taught the articles/covenants. But it could be jumping back to the instruction about Book of Mormon and Bible.

v.14 Here is the crucial verse, and I don’ t know what to say about it. Teach as directed by the Spirit, which you will get by the prayer of faith. How does one not receive it? If it is not given, or not received, do you not teach? If you are unwilling to receive it then you can’t teach?

During the D&C 42 seminar we talked about this verse a bit. There is of course the reading that if you pray and do not receive the Spirit, then it is a sign not to teach.

V. 6 also talked about the elders going forth “in the power of my Spirit.”

Most of the rest of my thoughts were already discussed on the D&C 42 blog – nothing new is striking me yet.


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