The Book of Mormon and the Fulness of the Gospel

It appears to me that over and over in the scriptures the Lord promises to bring forth the fulness of the gospel in the last days. This will come to recover His lost people. Often it is said that it will come to the Gentiles first, and when they reject it it will go to the house of Israel. Or, that the Gentiles will bring it to them. But it is a driving force of the last days – the fulness of the gospel will come forth and it will be the means of the most important things that will happen in these last days.

Also, there are so many scriptures that report the Book of Mormon to have the fulness of the gospel.

It shouldn’t be a surprise, I imagine, but I finally see what these verses have been saying. God has promised to bring forth the fulness in the last days, and the way He chose to do that was by bringing forth the Book of Mormon. It contains a fulness, and by it being translated, read, taught, and sent forth the fulness of the gospel has been revealed to this generation in the last days. It has gone and will go to Gentiles and Israel alike, and we desire to send it forth in every language.

The Book of Mormon is the fulfilling of this covenant. This shouldn’t shock me, but I guess I just finally see the full weight of the Book of Mormon. It’s incredible! It contains a fulness. That ought to make us ask what the fulness of the gospel is, as well. I don’t think we can argue that it is just in the sealed portion. That hasn’t gone forth to the earth yet, and the D&C is quite clear that the Book of Mormon has the fulness as it is being sent out to the world. One verse, in fact, connected the fulness to what Christ taught in 3 Nephi, if I’m reading it right:

“fulness of the everlasting Gospel was contained in it, as delivered by the Savior to the ancient inhabitants;” (JS-H 1:34)

Now, that could mean as it was delivered to all the prophets throughout Nephite history by revelation. But it seems arguable that it means when Christ came to deliver in person the gospel to the people gathered in 3 Nephi. If that is the case, I need to read 3 Nephi with much greater attention than I usually do. Here we have a fulness of the gospel – that which was prophesied throughout the history of the earth, which was looked to with great anticipation. And here we have it, right in our hands, in a simple book called the Book of Mormon.

I can’t think right now of a place where the D&C or the Pearl of Great Price are said to have a fulness of the gospel. The closest is in D&C 76, where Joseph says his testimony is a fulness of the gospel? I need to study that more, but it’s worth mentioning. That seems to be the only place I see where something specific is mentioned that is not the Book of Mormon.

An important book, too constantly overlooked. Like a purloined letter, in plain sight, but overlooked because it is too obvious and easy to be what we think we are looking for.

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