Joe pointed out last Saturday that Amulek’s sermons seem to differ slightly from the rest of the sermons on the atonement in the Book of Mormon. It will take some close textual work to see if this is an apparent difference or an actual difference (due perhaps to his newness to preaching and so just not being as precise as Alma, for example).

Then later Joe and I were talking about Corianton, and it seems that some of his confusion on justice and mercy might have come from Amulek’s speech. Amulek says that mercy “overpowereth” justice, but then Alma has to make sure Corianton understands that mercy can’t “rob” justice. Even if Amulek was not in the wrong, did some take his speech as license to “wrest” the scriptures? Alma says many have wrested the scriptures. Perhaps there was wresting, done unfortunately in the name of Amulek, that caused some of Corianton’s confusion.

Today I noticed that it is Amulek who talks about the “darkness” after this life where we can’t do any more repentance. Alma then helps Corianton through some concerns about the resurrection and what happens immediately after we leave this life. Interesting possible connections.

It is clear that some of the things Alma teaches Corianton are to support what Amulek says, too. Much more work to be done!


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