3 Ne 18:7 – Possibilities in the words “which I have shown unto you”

“And this shall ye do in remembrance of my body, which I have shown unto you.”

Most of what the Savior says in v. 7 and v. 11 sounds familiar to us, except these words: “which I have shown unto you.” This phrase opens up some interesting interpretive possibilities (these were discussed during our Saturday Study Group last week):

  • When these Nephites took the sacrament, they remembered an actual body they had seen (3 Ne 11:15)
  • The body they saw and remembered was a resurrected body.
  • But, they also saw the holes in his hands. They saw a dying and resurrected body in the same moment!
  • Imagine, someone said (Kim?), these hands breaking the bread in front of you – with the holes but resurrected.
  • What significance did the bread have to them that we miss?
  • How many generations used this phrase? It’s gone by Moroni.
  • When you add this phrase, it balances, poetically, with the phrase “which I have shed for you” in v. 11
  • The “remember” in v. 7 seems to point to the event of Christ’s visit

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