Moses 4 – Adam & Eve’s story, verses our own experience

After studying Moses 4 last night, I am thinking about the order of ordinances in comparison with the order of events in Moses (and elsewhere).

We do things in a specific order, for important reasons. But as I see the creation/fall story being laid out, I wonder if the order of ordinances could be thought in a different order  (not performed, but thought). For example, I link up the initiatory/clothing as happening right after the fall in the Garden of Eden story, when God makes clothes for them. It is of course more practical for us to do the initiatory first, then the endowment (rather than stopping, doing initiatory, and coming back.) But it seems that would actually follow the storyline better, and so I wonder what can happen if we think about the ordinance happening then.

The words of the ordinance, which of course I won’t talk about here, take on some powerful meanings when I think about what just happened to Adam and Eve in the garden, and what is about to happen throughout the rest of the story.

What about the sealing ordinance? In the stories (in Moses, Genesis, etc) it would seem their “marriage” happens when Eve is created. We perform sealings after endowments, so in our experience the marriage takes place after the “story” of Adam & Eve and the garden is over. Could this be a reason to think of sealing as something beyond marriage? The words of the sealing will mean slightly different things whether we think of the event being before the fall or after! Interesting ideas, anyway.

Baptism – in Moses we read about Adam being baptized sometime after the fall. How does this compare to our experience? We are baptized before we go to the temple, so for us baptism happens before we sit and think more about the creation/fall and receive ordinances there. But, we do receive baptism in a “fallen” world, just like Adam does. What is there in all this that might open up possibilities for thinking about baptism in relation to the Adam & Eve story?

Just a few thoughts, and I hope none of it was too sacred to share! The story is all in Genesis, Moses, and Abraham. Lots to think about. I really think there is power in thinking these ordinances as they relate to each other.


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