D&C 20 and D&C 42

Holy cow! I had no idea that D&C 20 talked so much about the Book of Mormon & the basic “faith, repentance, baptism, Holy Ghost” principles. Verses 1-36 are all about that. And then it gives direction concerning baptism, and follows that with directions about “elders, priests, teachers” (which is who we were talking about in D&C 42) – plus deacons and members. These directions cover such things as “preach, teach, expound, exhort, and baptize,” of course. Very like the direction given in D&C 42. Even the information about the sacrament is all connected with this basic gospel fourfold. And, the prayers are taken from the Book of Mormon itself. So, D&C 42, the first part at least, seems to be an expansion or further word given right on the heels of D&C 20 (not time-wise, but topic-wise). Fascinating! (I probably should be embarrassed I didn’t know D&C 20 better, but oh well! This is great!)

So, the connection between D&C 20 and D&C 42, eh? Where will I go to learn more about that?


One response to “D&C 20 and D&C 42

  • Roberta

    I like how you keep me always looking again in the scriptures!

    I also like how in the very beginning of D&C 20 it talks about how the commandments given to Joseph “inspired him…” I think about that a lot!

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