1 Ne 14

While likely nothing “new,” I worked through 1 Ne 14 and liked the little diagram I came up with. I felt like I understood this chapter better than I have in the past and am beginning to make more sense of all of Nephi’s chapters on this vision.

Let’s see if I can recreate it in some way here in text form. 🙂

v. 5-6: Gentiles have a choice to repent or perish.

v. 7: A “marvelous work” will force the Gentiles (and everyone else, I assume) to pick between peace and life, or captivity of the devil. This will be complete; “either on the one hand or on the other.”

v. 9: Look!

v. 10: Now, after the marvelous work, there are only 2 options, represented by these 2 churches

v. 11-12: Both groups are everywhere, all over the face of the earth

v. 13: The great & abominable church seeks to fight the Church of the Lamb. v. 14, the Saints are blessed with power of God. v. 15, the great & abominable church receives God’s wrath

v. 15-16: God’s wrath causes lots of wars among the great and abominable church. It sounds like their efforts to fight the Saints become distracted by internal conflicts, as it were. As they fight against each other, a way for the work of the Covenant opens up.

v. 17: “Then, at that day, the work of the Father shall commence, in preparing the way for the fulfilling of his covenants”

And this fulfillment, of the glorious Abrahamic covenant, will be written of by John, and written and sealed by others.

And that’s my summary of Chapter 14 🙂



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