Elder Christofferson & consecration

Elder Christofferson said this in the last conference:

“These statements express the reality that our life on earth is a stewardship of time and choices granted by our Creator. The wordstewardship calls to mind the Lord’s law of consecration (see, for example, D&C 42:32, 53), which has an economic role but, more than that, is an application of celestial law to life here and now (see D&C 105:5). To consecrate is to set apart or dedicate something as sacred, devoted to holy purposes.”

I really, really like the way he connected consecration and D&C 42. The economic version was an application of the eternal law of consecration. Rather than reading D&C 42 and trying to apply it to our lives, we should see D&C 42 as an example of how to apply the celestial way of living here on earth. It isn’t the only way; it isn’t complete; but it was a genuine fulfilling of that law. A filling up. An application. One way in which that heavenly law found a place to appear here on earth.

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