YW Training Materials

These are some materials I gathered a few years ago. There are so many good talks on this! I recommend reading all of Elder Ballard’s book & talk: he spells out the principle so clearly over and over again with lots of examples.

Here are two potential handouts or something to get you thinking on your own:

leadership lesson

Elder Ballard’s O Be Wise quotes

Also, here’s a little more from Elder Ballard’s Counseling With Our Councils:

GUIDELINES FOR CONDUCTING A COUNCIL (including a yw class presidency meeting!):

• The problem is clearly outlined and articulated, but the council isn’t allowed to dwell on negativity.       • The council leader controls the flow of the discussion without dominating it. He asks questions and calls for opinions, and then he listens.       • Council members speak from their own perspective as individuals and not just as representatives of their respective organizations (such as when the Relief Society president urged baptisms for the dead on behalf of her teenage children).       • Attention is focused on  what we want to have happen  rather than  what we want to do.        • In its deliberations, the council never strays far from the mission of the Church: bringing souls to Christ through proclaiming the gospel, perfecting the Saints, and redeeming the dead.       • Council members aren’t allowed to forget the importance of their individual influence and example.       • Input is solicited from everyone, but final decisions are left to the council leader, who relies upon inspiration more than personal opinion in guiding the decisions of the council.

Karen’s own two-bits:

A President presides, and is a HEAD.The counselors counsel, and GIVE AND RECEIVE INFORMATION
Think of your body: If you touch something hot, how does your brain know?  Your fingers have to feel the heat, and send the message up to your brain. Your brain processes the messages, and gives a direction to your fingers: move   This is similar to a council.  The president leads the meetings, but she can only do her job to the best of her ability if the counselors give all their thoughts and impressions.  Together, they discuss and seek inspiration on how to best help the people they are called to serve.  And as the scriptures promise,  where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.

Hope this helps!


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