Preparing to Become an Eternal Companion – YW Lesson 4

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For me, my favorite things on marriage have come from talks or book by Elder Holland. One of my favorites is “How Do I Love Thee?” – a talk he gave at BYU when I was a sophomore there.


I have also loved for years the quotation by Pres. Faust:

“Marriage is a joint quest for the good, the beautiful, and the divine.”

Beyond those quotations, I feel I ought to add something based on my own experience.

So, I’m attempting to articulate some of my thoughts on marriage. This is a first attempt…

In my opinion, there are three levels of even good marriages:

Good: I feel taken care of. I can fulfill my desires and follow my interests. I can pay attention to my needs without concern. I can look forward.

Better: We care for each other. I notice him, he notices me. We help each other with work, parenting, housework, etc. We look at each other.

Best: We stand side by side in life. We, together, see outward onto the work of building, teaching, and serving in the church. We also find ourselves interested in any thing, every thing, because we stand next to each other and examine things together. Our perspectives are different. We feel closer to God when we are separately yet jointly working together on God’s kingdom. Focus on the marriage or each other actually diminishes this!

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