Receiving the Spirit & authority to teach

One thing that Staker pointed out in his book is that there were many who took a manifestation of the spirit as authorization from God to go and teach.

D&C 42 counters this by saying that those who go forth need to be ordained by one who is already ordained.

But, on the other hand, it may somewhat support this authorization in verse 14. Perhaps it is a combination of the two: yes the spirit authorizes, but only in those who are already ordained.


One response to “Receiving the Spirit & authority to teach

  • Karen

    I just noticed that D&C 25:7 follows a similar pattern:
    Emma is ordained to expound the scriptures “according as it shall be given thee by my Spirit.” So it seems in both D&C 42 and D&C 25, there are two kinds of authorization. One comes from a formal ordination by someone with.. the Spirit, that’s how it says it, huh? So even there it is ordination + spirit. And then in D&C 121 we see that same important combination! If a priesthood holder does not keep the Spirit, Amen to the priesthood. Interesting! Authority comes in a combination of two kinds. OR at times perhaps just the Spirit? I’m thinking now of Elder Oaks’s Two Lines of Communication from conference. Though there, his point was that a parent already has that stewardship, a sort of priesthood power already by virtue of parenthood. So even there there is a sort of previous authorization. Hm! Interesting.

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