Day 2: or rather, take two

Okay a totally different route.

Maybe the trouble I’m having is that I have been using verse 14 as bait, and so I frame the whole problem in terms of that one verse (and just the second half). However, my research was on all of 11-14, and my real interest is in teaching by the Spirit in general. So maybe starting out with verse 14 is backfiring.

So, how else would I frame it –

D&C 42:11-14 in their Kirtland context?

Hmm. That would account for all my research post D&C 42. And it would also account for my D&C 20/Moroni stuff, too right? b/c D&C 42 refers to it…

Um, when did the Kirtland saints first get D&C 20? how would that have influenced their understanding and their reception?

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