Alma & commandments

Quick post-

Alma 12-13 lay out a very simple (too simple?) view of the story of Adam and Eve and the connection with us.

1. Alma has to answer how we can get back to God’s rest after that angel with a sword is put there

2. Alma relates that Adam and Eve broke first commandments, therefore must die.

3. Didn’t eat tree of life in order to have a space of time to repent. But they are outside the garden.

4. Angels sent to teach commandments

5. Here is the simple part. What are the “Second commandments” in Alma’s speech? It says Adam and Eve could choose good or evil. The commandments from the angel are “don’t chose evil.”

6. This comes up in chapter 13, where Alma says that high priests were on the “same standing” as others, but they chose good. In other words, they lived up to the commandment of the angel. And now their job is to teach others, just as the angels did at first. Now high priests will teach as well.



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