Mote and beam?

Quick thought:

Everyone is complaining about how mainstream American Christians don’t count Mormons as “Christian.” I wonder though if Mormons realizes how much they are to blame: do they accept Christians as teaching about Jesus’s gospel too? Haven’t we, in our history, in our unthoughtful Sunday school lessons, teased and criticized Christians for not “really” teaching the gospel? Perhaps we need to remove the beam from our own eyes first, and realize that Paul’s teaching of salvation only in and through Christ is what they and we teach. Once we can see the common ground, then I think they can too.


One response to “Mote and beam?

  • Gary

    Excellent point! I airways cringe a little at criticisms of other faiths in our discussions – mostly because you never know who may be visiting and be offended, but your point is an angle I hadn’t really thought of and perhaps even more important.

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