Gospel Principles Lesson – Final Judgment

Joe and I have been thinking a lot about D&C 76 and other related verses lately, so when I saw this was the upcoming lesson I decided to take a quick look.

I’m not teaching, but it does look like it would be an easy time to jump right to the scriptures and discuss there. Before I taught anything, were I to teach, I would make this clear though, and this is what Joe and I have both been thinking about lately: God is so good! Early in D&C 76, it says this:

“41 That he came into the world, even Jesus, to be crucified for the world, and to bear the sins of the world, and to sanctify the world, and to cleanse it from all unrighteousness;

 42 That through him all might be saved whom the Father had put into his power and made by him;

43 Who glorifies the Father, and saves all the works of his hands, except those sons of perdition who deny the Son after the Father has revealed him.

44 Wherefore, he saves all except them”

He saves all except those who ask not to be. Who completely reject it. Who have salvation, and know it, but deny it. Those are the ones who are not saved. I think it’s important to recognize that first before any talk of degrees etc. God is good, and saves all who want it. No need to panic. You will be saved, unless for some reason you ask not to be.

That I think needs to be thought about first, before getting into the rest.

Just a little thought for this morning. 🙂


One response to “Gospel Principles Lesson – Final Judgment

  • Roberta

    This is what I love about the gospel! It’s not a gospel of fear or tallymarks. I love catching the glimpses (such as in your post) of how truly loving and good God is, and how easily it is to miss those declarations in the text

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