I love Sister Beck!

It’s no surprise, it’s no secret: I love learning from Sister Beck, the former RS General President. Her readings of scripture mixed with her personal insight and experience always open my mind to deeper and more accurate ways of seeing the work of the Church.

Tonight I listened to two talks by her that I’d like to revisit again soon. One was from the BYU Women’s Conference in 2011:

http://byutv.org/watch/1daaaa65-7fdb-47fe-aa39-0bd79328561b (Opening Remarks)

(transcript also here: http://ce.byu.edu/cw/womensconference/archive/2011/pdf/JulieB_openingS.pdf)

And the other talk was from 2006, also at BYU Women’s Conference but when she was a part of the YW General Presidency:

http://byutv.org/watch/de76d699-ed55-4ac5-a6d0-0bf3e20cd2ce (“Thou Art An Elect Lady, Whom I Have Chosen”)

(transcript not available)

Sometimes I like Sister Beck because she says something similar to what I think is right, and it’s so nice to have that confirmed. For example:

Some women I know postpone that crucial, empowering covenant [temple ordinances] thinking that somehow they are tied to serving a mission or marriage when in reality, a mission or marriage is an outflow of the endowment and not the other way around.

An example of the other kind of experience, where she opens up my mind to another way of seeing something, was this from the first talk above. She talked about some of the things she worries about: anger, entitlement, resentment, and apathy. When she talked about entitlement, I wondered how she would address that. It’s a weighted political word, and sometimes can be used in insensitive, unproductive ways. But how she handled it cut right past all of that kind of stuff. She said that entitlement is a feeling that someone owes us something. She hears of women saying their husbands owe them something, even if it’s a break, or help, etc. Or women saying that the Lord owes them blessings. She said that when she thinks of the Savior, and what he did for her, then she knows exactly who owes who here. No one owes us anything, but we owe to God everything. What a beautiful way to see life. No one owes us anything, because we, and everyone, owe God everything. That reminds me of King Benjamin’s speech.



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