Bike Parable

Joe’s been working through Stephen Robinson’s book Believing Christ at

I was thinking today about how I would re-write the parable based on my own experience with grace. So far, I think it’s something like God has a bike for me, and tells me there is a bike for me, but I’m not sure it’s what I want or that I’ll really be happy with that one. Or, more often, it’s that I know he has one for me, but I’m not sure if I will get to keep it. It’s like I know he has a bike, but I’m not sure it’s really mine, so I’m not sure I want it if I can’t control it. So, after doing nothing for a while, I decide to start doing chores and collecting coins. Maybe it’s because I want to actually buy the bike and secure it as mine, or maybe I want to show God I’m serious about the bike so he’ll be impressed and give it to me just a little more liberally.

While I work, I don’t talk to God about my work. I know he sees me, and yet I feel like I’m working in secret. Then I realize like the little girl in the story that I’ll never earn enough money to deserve the bike I think I want, or to secure the bike that he already has. So I panic, give up, apologize, and talk. God explains his love and that I should trust him. When I finally believe him, I take the bike, love the bike, use the bike, and never ask whether it could be different or if it’s mine forever. I trust that either it is, or that God has other plans that I should also trust.
This isn’t quite bike = salvation, but somewhere in there it’s still about grace.
I’ve got some more thinking to do so I won’t post that as a comment on the site just yet.

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