Grace in Elder Bednar’s talk “In the Strength of the Lord”

Today I read through the talk “In the Strength of the Lord,” where Elder Bednar shared his thoughts on Grace when he was called to be an Apostle. I like some of the scriptures he brought out (&I’m going to add them to my growing list of scripture stories that demonstrate grace). I really liked this story, too:

On the night of June 20, 2000, several colleagues and I were working late in the executive offices of then Ricks College in Rexburg, Idaho. We were making final preparations for an unexpected and historic assembly on our campus the next morning and the announcement by President Hinckley that Ricks College would become a baccalaureate-degree-granting institution and take on the name of Brigham Young University–Idaho. As an administrative team we were just beginning to realize the monumental nature of the responsibility and challenges that were before us.

As we walked out of the building that night, one of my colleagues asked, “President, are you scared?” As best as I can recall, I answered something like this: “If I thought we had to execute this transition relying exclusively upon our own experience and our own judgment, then I would be terrified. But we will have help from heaven. Because we know who is in charge and that we are not alone, then no, I am not scared.” And we who serve at BYU–Idaho unitedly testify that there has been help from heaven, miracles have occurred, revelations have been received, doors have been opened, and we have been greatly blessed as individuals and as an institution.

I think we could apply that to life generally: “Are you scared?” “If I were on my own, yes. But I know who is in charge and that I am not alone, so no, I am not scared.” That is at least part of what I’ve been trying to describe when I feel consecrated.

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