Thoughts from watching the YW Broadcast March 2013

Watching this broadcast this morning:

And sharing some of my thoughts as they come:

  • Hmm, interesting talk by Sis Dibb: looking at Joseph Smith’s story to think about what can become a “holy place” to stand in (nature, his own bedroom, even Liberty Jail)
  • “You can create and stand in holy places”
  •  “whether they are geographic or moments in time…”
  •  “record in your journal those holy places you are recognizing” good idea for the YW!
  • Sis. Cook: you affect generations: ancestors, and those yet to come. Now is the time to prepare to make temple covenants
  • “stand in holy places” for your ancestors. All products of parents.
  • “stand in holy places” for yourself and immediate family. source of joy regardless of current family situation
  • “stand in holy places” for your future family.
  • Huh, I didn’t know about the International Art Competition for Youth. I should go look at that.
  • 10 Virgins. Weaving of righteous YW symbolic. Her virtue woven with others
  • wow, mature YW: this could be a time for growth, or could ruin life. “I didn’t want my life to fall apart; I was only 14!” 🙂 scripture study, conversation with righteous people like her mom, priesthood blessings from grandpa, wanting to be back with him.
  • “light eventually came” but step in the dark came first
  • “easy to become stagnant” when trials come, but don’t let it happen! says YW
  • faith from understanding
  • “part of my identity for good” (her father’s death; didn’t just “survive” it, it became for good. Consecrated!)
  • “weaving their knowledge of the plan of salvation into the life of three little boys”
  • if example of parents is not good, break the cycle! teach future generations well!
  • LOVING the video. A girl going to the temple early in the morning, all on her own – the subway and everything!!!! I love the independence and determination it displays, her faith is leading her to do this not those around her
  • and how things are reminding her of other moments of truth, other holy places in her own life – awesome. I really like this
  • the smiles are smiles I’ve had too
  • to see the bride, and then seconds later realize the women walking are Sister missionaries – Awesome! this is all a part of a woman’s life in the church, both are holy
  • Then family, then RS sister. Then a welcoming older priesthood holder at the doors of the temple
  • Sis. Dalton – statute of Kristina. winds blow against her
  • I never know quite what to think about the “don’t have regrets” approach to being good. Yes, yes, but repentance is real too. It’s slightly a selfish motivation, isn’t it? I agree I am SO grateful not to have regrets about certain things, so I do agree. But I wouldn’t know how to teach it, except in personal conversations
  • You know, I really really like Sis. Dalton as a person. I can see some of her speaking style is a bit weak from what I personally like. But there is strength there right below what may be weak (or not, or just to me sometimes)
  • holy places = holy Ghost
  • But she actually has a lot of strength when she talks about “You can change”
  • Rebecca’s story
  • Rebecca and sister missionaries: “I will go”
  • Rebecca understood what it meant to be a covenant wife.
  • Love at first sight b/c virtue loveth virtue, and light cleaveth unto light
  • Not easy to leave home, to trust servant to find righteous wife  – but when it was real, they loved it and rejoiced. They were ready, prepared. Savior born through this line. Did she know that then? No. But was real.

Break for breakfast.


I enjoyed President Uchtdorf’s talk but I was taking care of kids and didn’t take any notes yesterday. He has a way of using common or popular things to open an idea, and still get down to real, substantial messages afterwards. Sometimes those examples, in other speakers, make the talk trite. But not with him. I appreciate his ability to do that. I think I should rewatch his talk, since nothing much more is coming to mind! I liked his joke about German being the language in heaven. I liked his message about love. I was amazed at the bravery to cross to West Germany by separate routes.

Okay, I’m rewatching.

  • journey that started long ago. In heaven, “You knew Jesus Christ was to be the lamb of God.”
  • “You knew you wanted and needed to embark on a journey.” 
  • in “that sacred place” you had a question: “will I return safely?” “so many things out of your control.”
  • on earth, “w0uld you still recognize His voice?”
  • there you stood on the edge of eternity. upspeakable joy and hope. worry, concern too.
  • “You had participated in the great heavenly counsels and…” Knew about Christ.
  • “took a deep breath, and a great step forward, and, here you are.”
  • wise to ask yourself: “how your journey is going?”
  • map: scriptures, words of prophets and apostles, and personal revelation through the Holy Ghost. Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • “study it, use it to navigate through life.”
  • Three messages:
  • 1) Do not fear, for I the Lord am with you. “when you rejoice in righteousness, he rejoices with you” when you mourn, so does he. Sees you as you really are. Seek him earnestly, and you will find him.
  • Look around you. Every one you see around you (at any place, any time) was valiant in the premortal world. “…may have loved and admired them. You may have been such a role model yourself!” One thing you can be certain: every person you see … is family. “All eager to come to this earth and live so she could return to him.” “She may occasionally forget the purpose of her journey.” Remind her, we are here to help each other. “Life can be difficult, and it can harden hearts.”
  • It is not your work to convert anyone, that is the job of the Holy Ghost. Be a friend to all but do not compromise your standards.
  • 2) Love one another as I have loved you. What language did we speak in heaven? “I have strong suspicions that it was German!” 🙂 It was the pure love of Jesus Christ. Most powerful. “Brings about real change of character. It can penetrate hatred… it can work miracles.”
  • Evaluate what motivates your hearts and actions. Benefit you, or focused on serving God and others, desire to bless and lift up those around you
  • 3) Be of good cheer. Sometimes we become impatient, or want to start all over. 🙂 Always things to complain about, but that isn’t the journey you hoped for or were sent for.
  • Look for the happiness your Heavenly Father has prepared for you in every step. “Peace in this world, and eternal life in the world to come.”
  • use map. grow into the daughter of God you hoped you would become.
  • blessing/promise. inspire others. Live true to covenants. Heavenly Father will be there to embrace you, you are home safely.

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