2 bits of news about women on lds.org!

Exciting times! Check out these articles at the Church newsroom:


“Each mission in the Church will organize a Mission Leadership Council that will include both elder (males) and sister (females) missionary leaders. The new mission leadership council will consist of the mission president and his wife, assistants to the president, zone leaders, and sister training leaders — a newly created role.”

http://www.mormonnewsroom.org/article/women-leaders-insights-church-leadership and


“I’m especially thinking of one particular committee that you both were on with me when we talked about missionary age of the — changing the missionary age for the members of the Church, and that was a marvelous experience. At one point in that committee meeting, Elder Nelson stopped and said, “We don’t want to hear from anyone except the sisters,” and then one by one he asked us our opinion: “How do you feel about this Sister Dalton? How do you feel about this, Sister Wixom? Sister Burton, what is your feeling? Tell us your honest opinion, and if you have concerns, we want to know.” And we were very frank.”

Ruth Todd: How do you utilize the priesthood as you are leading and guiding your individual organization?


Sister Wixom: I remember two weeks after I was called as the general Primary president, Elder Hales called me to his office and he, we had a conversation and then he said, “Sister Wixom, I want to ask you a question. What is the taproot that will anchor a child in the wind?” And I leaned back in my chair and I went to think about it, and then he said, “No, no, no. Sister Wixom, you’re going to think about this. And what’s more is that you will get the answer to that question. I won’t, because you are the Primary president.” I left his office that day feeling the mantle of my calling. The calling came from our prophet, and he was allowing me to carry that mantle, and I would be the one — with the help of my counselors and the board and, above all, inspiration from our Heavenly Father — to come to the conclusion to the answer of that question.


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