Priesthood and Genealogy? So much to figure out still…

I was thinking (of course) about the Abrahamic Covenant. I was thinking about how it appears with Abraham, a covenant promise of a specific inherited land was included in his covenant. Then I remembered that section 85 of the D&C also talked about inherited land, so I went to look at it.

What an interesting section!

So, from what I can quickly gather (so I may be way off), those in Zion who consecrated and received back an inheritance didn’t just receive something “sufficient” or “their part in the community” or whatever. They received a covenant inheritance meant to bless their entire family line, going backward and forward? That seems suddenly impossible, how could they all share that much land? But perhaps it means something else? But all the same, there is something about having a consecrated land that means they are in good standing with God, and those who don’t have an inheritance or who apostatized don’t have that land forever (and their names are not written the the Book and their genealogy isn’t either? What do we do about that today?).

Specifically, those who don’t live the law of consecration aren’t considered part of the priesthood. But, that happens at the last day. The last verse of D&C 85 says they will be like those mentioned in Ezra 2:62, who sought to find their priesthood genealogy but it was muddled and unclear, so they were put out from the priesthood. Is that part of what we are doing with genealogy  If, at the last day, we can have a clear line running from us to Adam, with everyone in the middle having received ordinances and covenants, even if they didn’t keep those covenants, then we can have a part in the priesthood??

So it appears. We’ve got so much to figure out still about what priesthood is and how it is meant to be viewed, meant to function, and how it will work in the end when everything is set right again.


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