Upcoming post: D&C 132 is not about polygamy! :)

At least, D&C 132 isn’t about polygamy primarily. Does it talk about it? Yes, of course. But it isn’t the point of the section. Even marriage generally is not the overall point. These are examples within the message of the section. And I don’t think I could have seen that without all the study I’ve done on the Abrahamic Covenant lately.

I want to work it out at length, but here’s a teaser, at least. Note that the info about Abraham & polygamy begins with a “therefore.” We need to understand what comes before that “therefore” if we’re going to see what God is teaching us about Abraham. Marriage is an example of what the section is about, not the subject primarily.

I’ll get to a verse-by-verse commentary soon (likely when my kids are all done being sick!). Hope to see you back, then. 🙂 (If anyone besides me ever reads this! Ha! 🙂 )


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