This section of the “Guide to the Scriptures” at needs a bit of work…

Sometimes I do a bit a research on what the typical answers are to what I think are hard, complex, unresearched questions. Like more on the Abrahamic Covenant than just “God made a promise with Abraham that made him unique. We have that promise too.” 🙂 When I researched for Abrahamic Covenant, I found it defined in the Study Guide materials in several places, and each one had a different list! Though usually there were several elements in common. Funny, though, I just searched “Oath and Covenant of the Priesthood” in the Guide to the Scriptures – it was very, very, very unhelpful! I guess it’s meant for new members, but still! The scripture references were awful! Okay I’m being too harsh because I got little sleep, slept in (which makes me feel groggy and grumpy), and I haven’t studied for days! And I’m frustrated at all that, which I’m taking out on this. But still – it wasn’t much help! Which I actually find fascinating, not frustrating. Why would it be so vague and unhelpful? The initial paragraph was all right, and it was actually what I’m used to hearing. But the scripture references listed below the paragraph almost didn’t even seem to relate! Maybe that’s where I’m the one that needs to put two and two together. But they were odd choices. The ones about Abraham were just ones where it stated God was making a covenant with Abraham. But it was unclear there was an oath involved, and it was unclear there was anything about priesthood involved (though I’ve done my own research on that), and it was unclear this had any connection to an average member of the Church. All those references did was show God can sometimes make a covenant. What does that have to do with the initial paragraph? Why aren’t we talking at least about Melchizedek? Or Aaron? Wouldn’t that be more helpful? Then the next scripture listed said it was about how the priests “fed not the flock,” which at first sounded literal: they weren’t taking care of sheep. 🙂 Of course as I clicked on the link and read the verse it was comparing the people to sheep and how the priests weren’t “feeding” or taking care of the people. But for a quick guide for new members that was a weird thing to include! And the last reference said that in Malachi’s time the Priests corrupted the priesthood. But when I clicked on the link, it went to a verse that didn’t specifically mention that kind of thing at all. So, I think this section needs a bit of work!


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