“Relief Society is the organizer of the combined gifts of women”



After talking with my friend Helena this weekend, I’m back to studying women’s roles in the church. This morning I’m listening to this interview with Sis. Beck:


The title of this post was the first comment that really stood out to me. I’ll add more of them in the comments as I listen to the interview.


16 responses to ““Relief Society is the organizer of the combined gifts of women”

  • Karen

    Sis Beck: “there is confusion about this [women’s relation to the priesthood] and I think some of this came about from the sifting and the things that were removed from the scriptures….”

  • Karen

    Sis Beck: “the men have it and the women don’t. I hear that argument a lot. But that isn’t even the right question. The right question should be how can I access every blessing I need in order to get back to my Heavenly Father…”

  • Karen

    “men have been given the assignment to hold this in trust. Now, to really understand this, you’d have to do a study of the family of Abraham and go all the way back to Adam”

    Whoo-hoo!! I knew I loved listening to Sis. Beck!!

    I’m at minute 8 btw

  • Karen

    “That was Adam’s assignment…. to bless his family.” “Eve was his wife. That was a priesthood ordinance… she also had assignments to teach and to nurture, and to create that life. That was also by God’s power … she didn’t need to be ordained to an office to do that.”

    • Karen

      I wonder if that first marriage ordinance included the assignment/setting apart/authorization/ability to have children. All women today can have kids without an ordinance first. I wonder if that was the same for Eve. She is of course the “mother of all living.” I wonder if that was a sort of “priesthood” title for her. Also, the temple sealing ordinance makes me think that there’s a slight chance that her ability to have children was originally an ordinance that we all benefit from. Who knows, but that would be cool. 🙂

  • Karen

    At 14:00 minutes or so, someone asks what the difference is between a mother’s prayer in faith and a father’s blessing.

    I think her answer was that both are performed in faith and both are heard and answered by God. Both can call down blessings of heaven. The difference is that the priesthood blessing is an ordinance that opens up that person (the father) to revelation to speak the will of God. It opens up prophecy. The prayer of man or woman is a request of God asked in faith, but it does not in itself reveal the will of God. Prayer by both are heard. There is no gender difference there. But a blessing does entitle that person to revelation.

    That is not to say that women never receive revelation. We receive it all the time, in our callings, in our lessons, and in working with children or friends. We receive it in response to those very kind of faithful prayers we are talking about.

    But in direct response to the question asked of Sis. Beck, I think what she did was to focus on what the difference was between a prayer and a blessing.

    That was an interesting and helpful (to me) response…

  • Karen

    Women access the power of God (her definition of priesthood) by prayer, etc.

    (at about 19:00)

  • Karen

    It’s hitting me that it’s actually brilliant that there is a kind of priesthood that functions in the church and one that functions in the family. If the purpose of the priesthood is to bring all of Adam’s kids back to God, then those women w/o righteous fathers or husbands would be out of luck if the ordinances were contained in the family. To have someone with the keys to administer ordinances who can administer to anyone regardless of family relation keeps those ordinances available to anyone.

  • Karen

    23:20 – Someone asks, How to women perform ordinances in the temple?

    Answer: Again, preparations for the temple was one of the foundational reasons for the RS.

    Always our question: have the Lord teach us. Observe. How are things happening. Why are things happening. The Lord will instruct us…. We’ll understand that authority is passed through someone who has the responsibility for that authority and people are given assignments…”

  • Karen

    I also love this quotation from Sis. Eliza Snow:

    “Let them seek for wisdom instead of power and they will have all the power they have wisdom to exercise”

  • Karen

    Sis Beck: in the ordinances the power of godliess is manifest so in each of the ordinances we receive, we are accessing that power. Moses tried to teach this and God is still trying to teach us this

  • Karen

    (I’m running out of time so this is quickly paraphrased:) Hope less conv that are competitive and more What do I have? What do I need to do to prepare? Gifts blessings of the priesthood that have been promised me?

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