Quick notes for later studies on lineage in the Book of Mormon

Checked genealogy of Alma etc. By Helaman’s book they are described as Nephi’s line. But what about a mixture?

Abinadi from Jacob’s line?

Zeniff? no indication of what line he is from? need to check

the last writer of the small plates is of Jacob’s family, and he has a brother that goes with Zeniff. Does he provide the priesthood there? Is that where Alma gets his priesthood then? (rather than mysteriously being ordained by an angel?) does he feel like it’s been a bit inactive so that’s why he prays for power to baptize or however it’s worded?

Jacob father-to-son priesthood line is like D&C 107’s description of Mel priesthood from Adam. also sounds like Abraham’s description of patriarchal order that pharaoh tries to copy. Then Alma passes it to sons. I thought it was convenient or a dynasty of sort, but now I can see it as the patriarchal order – passed on purpose to sons.

At first I thought Jacob doesn’t have a line that keeps going!! But then I realized that this person’s brother was alive. Doesnt’ get plates though. B/c he leaves town?

Is Mosiah the king before he leaves or only when he goes to Zarahemla?

What line is Benjamin and the Mosiahs from?

is that one reason things are handed to Alma? He’s actually from Nephi’s line and has priesthood??

When it says that Zarahemla’s people had many contentions but were still a large people I think I’m happy assuming that meant contentions with other groups of people. Also, their language had become corrupted, not just developed over time. I think that implies outside influence from other languages. Also, they denied the being of their creator, yet rejoiced in receiveing the brass plates. Did they deny God, or the being – they had thought he was a Great Spirit rather than a being??

How many other groups were led out from Jerusalem that we just never hear about, but that the Nephites knew about? Benjamin gives a name to distinguish among the many people…

Also, wouldn’t it be a cool theory to play around with that the unnamed brother at the end of the book of Omni is really Abinadi? 🙂 Jacob’s family going against the king again? 🙂 🙂

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