60 Minutes…

Pres. Hinckley had an interview on 60 minutes where he talked about women and whether or not they will have the priesthood some day. Part of this interview is being quoted often by those campaigning for ordaining women, so I want to think carefully about what is going on in the interview.

To be honest, I think that women are or will be  priestesses without any campaigning – so I guess I see all the talk right now as either superfluous or premature – but, if I am wrong, I want to realize that too. 🙂 So here is this part of his interview copied and pasted so I can study it out a bit. [And it’s not a perfectly great transcription. I might keep looking for another.]

RB: At present women are not allowed to be priests in your Church. Why is that?

GBH: That’s right, because the Lord has put it that way. Now women have a very prominent place in this Church. They have there own organisation. Probably the largest women’s organisation in the world of 3.7 million members. There own ???. And the women of that organisation sit on Boards. Our Board of Education things of that kind. They counsel with us. We counsel together. They bring in insight that we very much appreciate and they have this tremendous organisation of the world where they grow and if you ask them they’ll say we’re happy and we’re satisfied.

RB: They all say that?

GBH: Yes. All except a oh you’ll find a little handful one or two here and there, but in 10 million members you expect that.

RB: You say the Lord has put it that way. What do you mean by that?

GBH: I mean that’s a part of His programme. Of course it is, yes.

RB: Is it possible that the rules could change in the future as the rules are on Blacks ?

GBH: He could change them yes. If He were to change them that’s the only way it would happen.

RB: So you’d have to get a revelation?

GBH: Yes. But there’s no agitation for that. We don’t find it. Our women are happy. They’re satisfied. These bright, able, wonderful women who administer their own organisation are very happy. Ask them. Ask my wife.

GBH: Are you happy? (to his wife…)

Mrs. H: Very happy! (laughs)


One response to “60 Minutes…

  • Karen

    Honestly, I think the women of Ordain Women are pushing Pres. Hinckley’s words too far when they say that they are “faithfully” agitating because they are responding to “the challenge to advocate for women’s ordination [which] was articulated by former Church President Gordon B. Hinckley.” Pres. Hinckley wasn’t challenging women to agitate, I think he was complimenting women for being so focused on their work in the Kingdom that they weren’t getting caught up in agitating for rights in the way political movements do.

    Such is how I read Pres. Hinckley.

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