Genesis 4 and Moses 5/6

Working on Alma 13 has forced me to ask what the Nephites had in their scriptures about Adam and Eve and the time immediately following the fall. For example, Alma says, “I would that ye should remember that the Lord God ordained priests.” How would they “remember” this besides having read it? Alma hasn’t mentioned this part of the story in Alma 12, so they wouldn’t be “remembering” it from his discourse.

This led me to read through Genesis 4 again. I’m quite familiar with Moses 4-6, so reading Genesis 4 was a treat. How interesting to notice the differences! It’s really like someone had the Moses text and was abridging it for Genesis. I’m not suggesting this was literally what happened, but it feels that way since I’m so used to Moses. One of the random things I noticed? That after Eve has Seth, the Moses account said Adam glorified God and said God had appointed him another seed, but in the Genesis account, the text attributes this exclamation to Eve! Granted, it’s in italics, but how much more interesting – it was ambiguous in Genesis who was focused on having seed. The editors of the KJV chose to have Eve excited about family (not a bad move) but in Moses, we see that Adam (and Eve too of course) was excited about a special priesthood lineage.

Anyway, just one insight to share while Micah is pressing buttons, whacking a marker around me, and putting toy cars on the computer. 🙂

Bye! 🙂

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