Isaiah Nephi & Zion

Super quick post on 2 Nephi

I just realized that the last chapter that Nephi quotes of Isaiah ends with the city of Zion! And then he’ll go on to talk about Zion. I hadn’t noticed that before yesterday.  I am getting the overall point of the Isaiah chapters, and the message that God will always protect the righteous, and even when they are wicked and someone destroys them, it was only because God let them (he’s still in charge), and even when there is destruction, there is always a remnant. I get those overall themes. I hadn’t noticed that all of those messages end (in Nephi’s quotation) with the city of Zion. I need to review that and see how it’s a culmination of sorts to have Zion there, and then how it plays into his discourse right after these chapters. Fun!


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