Quick thought on Melchizedek in Alma 13:18

It will be a little while before it’s my turn to post about Melchizedek on our Dews From Heaven blog, but I wanted to “jot down” this idea while it was still fresh:

In verse 18, it describes Melchizedek as having:

1) “exercised mighty faith”


2) “received the office of the high priesthood according to the holy order of God”

and therefore

3) “did preach repentance unto his people.”

This follows the same things we’ve already discussed. A high priest is 1) called b/c of faith, and 2) ordained to teach, and 3) receives the high priesthood forever. There is no mention of  being ordained to teach here, but it does describe him as preaching, and that description follows the talk of priesthood, so I think there is still an implication that he had priesthood-authority to preach repentance.

I love the concept of priesthood that Alma lays out where the priesthood purpose is to preach and to teach commandments, like being an angel on earth all the time. Great stuff.


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