Nephi & Likening

I just revisited the book Reading Nephi Reading Isaiah. As I skimmed through the introduction, this caught my eye so I thought I’d share it:

First, it should be noted that likening a text is, for Nephi, a question
of weaving into the scriptural text not the banalities of everyday life
(an application of the scriptures to everyday life), but rather truths one
has learned regarding the meaning and importance of the Abrahamic
covenant through some kind of revelatory or prophetic experience. It
might thus be said that it is only a prophet—though that word must
be taken in its broadest definition as referring to anyone who has
“the spirit of prophecy” (see 2 Nephi 25:4)—who can authoritatively
give new life to a scriptural text. (This first caveat is not meant to
discourage the work of likening, but to encourage recognition that
likening seems, for Nephi, only to be likening when it is undertaken
with the spirit of prophecy.)

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