Why the title “2 Nephi”?

I know I’m not the only person to wonder about the break in Nephi’s record, but still. It’s on my brain again so I’m going to make a short post about it.


1) Why break your own record into two halves?

2) Why break it in the middle of an event?

3) If you were commanded to write a “more sacred part,” why not break the two records right when that part starts?

4) Does the break in the record symbolize the break between the Nephites and the Lamanites? If so, I still wonder why it’s broken right there?

5) The biggie for me: In Jacob chapter 1, we learn that the kings after Nephi were also called Nephi, no matter what their real name actually was. But there’s more than that, they were called “second Nephi” and “third Nephi” etc. Is it just a coincidence that we call the second half of Nephi’s writings “Second Nephi?” And what about having a book called “Third Nephi?” I guess it’s just coincidence, but it seems so odd that Nephi’s record would be called that and then immediately following Nephi there is a man, now going to be called Second Nephi, who will be keeping his own record on the large plates, and will probably be writing that record with the big title of “Second Nephi” introducing his part of the record. ??? Would this have been confusing for Mormon when he was gathering the records? It would almost appear that our 2 Nephi was written by the second king!

Why does Nephi make a break at all, and why call it 2 Nephi? (2nd book of Nephi, I know, that’s not weird) but still…


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