Prayer and the words “in the name of” (for YW January 2014 Lesson on the Godhead)

“In the name of” means you come as if you were another person, or with that person’s authority. I’m thinking of men delivering a message to a king in the name of King David, for example. The messenger becomes a person that goes between King David and another King. I found that an interesting idea with prayer, since we usually think of Christ going in between us and God. If we are approaching the Father in the name of Christ, are we going from Christ to the Father, as if delivering a message from Christ to the Father? Does that signal a trust in us to learn what Christ would speak, or, what we can offer on behalf of Christ’s work? Is this part of what Christ does — He pleads before the Father for us in such a way that we can approach the Father? He goes between us to atone for us, but with that act we can then actually go all the way to the Father? With Christ always beside us, or watching behind us? We are join-heirs with Christ; does prayer itself embody that fact? We are not asking Christ to talk to the Father for us; we are approaching the Father directly, because of the authority and merits of our Christ?

What about scriptures that talk about the Spirit teaching us what to pray for? And of course, the Spirit coming in response to prayer? How does the Godhead all work together in what is (on the surface) the very simple act of praying? 


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