A few questions on the complications of sealings

There is so much we have to learn still about the sealing ordinance.

For example, here are some of the questions I’ve never sorted out myself:

1) Why does D&C 128 say that baptisms for the dead are what bind generations?

2) What exactly does it have to do with Abraham and being the seed of Abraham?

3) How does it bind us in the eternities? Are we really in family units? Or rather are we in one big united family?

4) Why doesn’t my sealing with my parents get replaced by my sealing to spouse?

5) Why isn’t there more in scripture about these sorts of things?

6) What about marriages between individuals that don’t want to be married? Where one spouse was abusive? Where there was really never love?

7) Our conception of marriage and family has changed so much over the course of history. I can see the sealing as binding biological connections back to Abraham or to Adam, but I have a hard time thinking that every person is as sentimental about their families or spouses as we are. Perhaps they are, perhaps the feelings really are so universal. But I don’t know. (I’m thinking of the “Do You Love Me?” song from Fiddler on the Roof! We talk as if everyone in our family history was madly in love with their spouse, but that probably wasn’t true for 70% of marriages in the world! Or couples who were never married, too.) I think this sealing-up marriages is a lot more complicated than we want to talk about.

8) All of these questions push me in the direction that the sealing ordinance is more about sealing up generations from Adam to the end, so that there can be certain blessings and possibilities, rather than so that each family can live together forever. (The D&C doesn’t say that those in other kingdoms can’t see each other, anyway!) However, the love I have for my spouse is so strong that I feel the my personal sealing with him is something significant and eternal. The sealing to spouse factors into our theology of becoming like our Heavenly Father and Mother. So, there’s more to it than just a sealing to Adam, too, I admit. But how it all works out in the heavens? There’s so much we do not know!


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