At Priesthood session? How ironic.

The work of the Church is salvation. That’s so clear, isn’t it? The work of the priesthood is to bring others to salvation by teaching and performing ordinances. Also clear, isn’t it? Then why, women of OW, why would you distract from the work of the priesthood (teaching the gospel during priesthood session) in order to ask to have the priesthood? Your move is so deeply ironic.

One response to “At Priesthood session? How ironic.

  • Karen

    This is how I feel about OW’s way of reasoning their way to the priesthood:

    From Orson Hyde, 1860: There have been aspirants to the Presidency of this Church ever since the death of Joseph Smith, and even before. It may be regarded as lost time to allude to these things at all by which any portion of the day is consumed. But, brethren, bear with me. I have read the writings of every aspirant to the presiding Priesthood in this Church since the days of Joseph. I have marked their cold, dry, technical, husky, and spiritless reasonings from the Book of Mormon, from the Doctrine and Covenants, Bible, &c., quite voluminous, resembling the bile ejected from a disordered stomach. I have never discovered one burst of the Spirit of God in all their claims or publications.

    There aren’t volumes of reasonings yet from women, but the reasonings on the OW site are not bursting with the Spirit. There are a few honest critiques of Mormon Culture, but the forward reasoning they give is not solid.

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