New Sunday School means, no Scripture classes?

We saw on that the adults will soon be getting curriculum similar to that of the youth.
I have served in Young Women’s before, during, and after the change and it has been a definite blessing to our youth. The Young Women lessons are consistently better than they were before the change. I think our youth are learning the doctrine much better and their opportunities to teach and talk are helping them think more carefully.
All of that has been a great blessing.
If this is applied to adults, there is only one concern I have. Will we lose the focus on scripture? This one concern is also the only concern I’ve had with the youth curriculum: their Sunday School time is no longer focused on working through scripture together, and I think that has been a great loss for them. I am disappointed that that might also be coming for the adults.
The principles of more participation, more prayer in determining what to teach, of more preparation of the students are all great principles, but is there a way to keep those without losing the focus on the standard works?
Having one hour for scripture and one hour for themed lessons (often focused on the talks of general conference) seems a healthy balance. It can show that scripture and modern revelation are both applicable and support each other. Right now, I worry that some of our youth see Sunday School and their YW lesson as redundant.
I am very curious to see what this new curriculum will look like!


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