My testimony of Jesus Christ

I read these words this morning from this post:

That he could be touched literally showed that he could be touched by our pains and came to heal them. And it seems to me that the promised resurrection of the spirit is the healing of our physical and spiritual wounds.

I thought about that first line a lot. He came to his disciples (in the East and in America) with those marks still in his hands and in his side. Why were they still there? A question not asked first by me, certainly, but this post got me thinking about that again. It shows that he could be touched, that he is real, that he really actually does feel pain (and is capable of feeling our pain). But I thought about something beyond that point: it also shows that he can carry those pains and overcome them. To be resurrected yet carrying the marks of death is something pretty astounding. It reminds us that his death and pain really happened and yet didn’t hold him back. And no matter what pains or evils he encounters, they can’t hold him back. He has overcome them all – he has “overcome the world.”

And along with his resurrection we are promised a resurrection too. We too overcome death because he overcame death. And similarly, he has overcome all spiritual evils or afflictions or sins by his suffering. We too conquer all spiritual death because he conquered spiritual death.

I haven’t thought about it quite in this way before. He carries the marks of death to show us that he can actually carry them. And by implication, if he can overcome death than he can overcome every other effect from the fall – he has overcome death and hell! We are free.

Death is conquered; man is free.

Christ has won the victory.

I’ll add my own testimony to so many others who have believed: I believe Christ has overcome it all – death, sorrow, pains, these are real and carried by us now, but in the future, all can be overcome! Else why come to this planet, if not to see how every thing in existence can be overturned for good? What a hopeful message! And one I believe in!

(As we end a testimony in our Church, I’ll do the same here:) In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen!


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