Horizontal vs Vertical Priesthood

Another thought (building on this: https://whatimthinkingabout.wordpress.com/2014/04/03/eve-adam-and-the-priesthood/) that I’m getting down before I get back to sleep:

I don’t know what more to say about it yet, but I really really like it. Why then sealing parents to kids and kids to parents? Could we look at a familial link versus a generational link?

Perhaps the sealing of generations talked about in D&C 128 has to do with the vertical priesthood. Whereas the sealing ordinance has something to do with the horizontal priesthood. It reaffirms the possibility of female, or female-male interaction with God within every generation. It reunites Adam with Eve – perhaps not that it was ever meant to be separate – but with each generation the first step was to connect it to the last, then the next step was to connect husbands and wives. Remember that we are all Adam’s family, but, we are also the beginnings of our own eternal Adam and Eve situation. Perhaps that’s part of where the confusion is for me — we are linked to Adam via Melchizedek priesthood, which has the ordinances which save us. But we are linked to our spouse (and not to Adam) in a way separate from our link to Adam, which has the potential to not just exalt, but be family, to be parents, to teach kids, to be like Adam and Eve in whatever ways that entails. Lots more to think about there.

I hope this is as clear in the morning as it has been while I’ve been up with Micah tonight!


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