Ranciere & the Church

Quick thought:

Someone needs to write an essay (or book!) called something like :

“Equal, Yet Leadership: Five Lessons in Spiritual Emancipation”

Start with something like “Bear with me, philosophy first.” Separate intelligence and will. By this we mean that there is a hierarchy that exists, in which we assume that there are people naturally more intelligent than me, and I learn from them. I can teach others, who are inferior than me, and so on. Can progress through levels, I can become more intelligent and therefore higher in hierarchy. This exists in everyday things too and not just university. For example: new stations. We assume that person giving the report knows more about it than me, so we assume an inferior position and receive information. And we feel a superior position to those who don’t or haven’t yet watched that same news report as we did. We know more than them, and so feel a sort of superiority to them.

But in the Church, we start with a basic level of equality.

Equal access to the Spirit.

Then, go through each chapter of Ranciere’s book and work carefully to apply it to the Church. Work hard, like Ranciere did. Be honest. Thorough.


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