How do I teach??

Somehow, I have forgotten how to teach. I used to be really excited about teaching by the Spirit and teaching other people to teach by the Spirit. Somewhere in this calling (a teaching calling!) I have forgotten how to teach.

I can pile up the excuses and reasons, but still, I have forgotten how to teach.

I teach today and I think I’m going to teach about Joseph Smith, and I think I’m just going to make sure they hear the words from JS-H by watching part of a video. I think.

But how do I emancipate? (ie, free them up to learn? give them confidence in their ability to learn?) How do I know what they need? How do I know what God wants me to teach today? How much should I have prepared this week? What should I have done to prepare? What about other things I want to study? Am I too academic with these Beehives? Have I ever done well in this calling? Have I ever given a lesson where the Spirit was there?

Has each of the girls felt the Spirit, at least once?

Is this a new incapacity of mine? Did something shift in my thinking recently?

I think I do remember lots of lessons that went well and I think they were by the Spirit, or the Spirit was there at some points in the lesson.

But not recently. (I think.)

So what am I forgetting? I’m ready to wake up, I think. Ready to repent, to change, to work again. But I don’t know what I’m missing, or where to go.

Is it just a matter of giving into grace myself, again? Trusting God? Remembering I’m not in charge? Is that the initial key?

I have written on teaching so much, I think I’m going to review those posts this morning.

Or, am I wasting time doing that when I should be preparing more? Or is that feeling exactly what’s wrong?

On to reading the posts.


I’m very glad I did! Weird to be taught by my past self. 🙂


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