My personal idol: The “being a responsible human being” idol :)

I did it again – I fell victim to one of those things I fall for over and over again. I again today felt the weight of trying to remember to do every last little thing that I should be doing (sewing cub scout patches, dejunking closets, paying attention to every wish of every kid, I won’t go on and on or else I’ll start feeling guilty again!). I do have a lot to do, I know, with 5 little kids. I know. But there’s such a difference in feeling when I begin to worship it all as an idol. Whenever it all has pull on me, and I feel like God wants me doing things, then I think is when I’ve began idolatry again. Nothing has as much sway as God. Nothing matters but God. With God all things — that is, whatever He wants — is possible. I had a nice prayer and admitted my complete pathetic nature. And then went a step beyond that to tell God that whatever it was that He wants me to do today, that will I do. That will mean leaving out a great many things I could do, and even could say I should do, but what does that matter, really? All that needs to be done will be done. And in the end, when I give myself to doing whatever God wants I always find myself doing more of those “responsible” things done (with a tenth of the stress!). But if those don’t get done that’s ok. It’s okay.

Anyway, just wanted to jot that down before I got on to other things.

It’s that Eliza Snow quotation, all over, once again.


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