Breakthrough on D&C 84!

I have been trying to wrestle with D&C 84 for years now; especially with the words “this is according to the oath and covenant which belongeth to the priesthood.” It seemed so clear that the actual oath and covenant was elsewhere, but I couldn’t figure out where! Well yesterday morning Joe and I studied D&C 84 for several hours, and we had a break through. It’s pretty clear to us now that it is referring to Hebrews 4-7. I have a lot more work ahead of me but that’s a great start! Joe put together a handout on the oath and covenant of the priesthood for the lesson he was teaching. I’ll have to get him to email it to me so I can copy & paste it here. We looked at textual variants, at the history of interpretation, the historical context, as well as some of Joseph Smith’s work on the book of Hebrews (like I said, we’ve got a long way to go still!). What a great morning! 😀


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