Two random notes from Abraham 1

I’ve always liked and wondered about verse 19. Why will Abraham be like Noah? I’ve assumed it primarily meant that he will be a sort of dispensation head, a new beginning. I also thought about how Noah’s immediate fathers weren’t so righteous, just like Abraham. Yesterday I was looking through some of the verses that follow and I remembered again that Noah comes up several times in the discussion of Pharaoh and priesthood. I think verse 19 might be saying, “You will actually be like Noah, whereas the Egyptians ‘fain claim’ they are like Noah.” (See verse 27). I like that reading for now.


I’ve also wondered about this little genealogy lesson about Egyptus and Ham and this woman and Pharaoh. It never seems to work out — it sounds like Egyptus is both Ham’s wife and daughter, and somehow the blood of the Canaanites is preserved through all of this? Fortunately Joe has lots of books on scripture so I looked through the textual history book with all the variants from journals, newspapers, etc. I couldn’t believe how many different sources we have available! Most of them do not differ significantly, but it was fun to look at. In one of these the genealogy problem was simplified, but only in one of them. But it did make me think that maybe “daughter of Ham” could mostly be read “female descendant of Ham” and that would solve part of that problem already. 

Joe told me to also look at the Kirtland Egyptian Papers, and also at Hugh Nibley’s many books (particularly Abraham in Egypt and his Pearl of Great Price lectures). I’m always happy and a bit disappointed when I find out there are resources to go and work on. 🙂 I don’t have the research drive that Joe and Kim have, but I am thrilled to know there is more information to work with.

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