Relief Society magazine: Mothers In Israel

All the time, I realize there are resources out there for increasing my knowledge of the scriptures and the gospel. This morning I found out that the old Relief Society magazine published an article called “Mothers in Israel.” I would love to understand that phrase better! (It appears that maybe there is a whole series dedicated just to that? I’m still figuring that out.) While searching for it online I also found an old Relief Society manual lesson that quotes a lot from that magazine article. That lesson is what I’ve read so far this morning. It talks a lot about Heavenly Mother. I really appreciate things said by Sis. Holland about how Eve had the title of mother before she ever bore children. That the point of the Abrahamic Covenant is that we can become like Abraham and Sarah, which means the promise of being a father eternally and a mother eternally. Those promises come ahead of the realization of bearing children, just like Eve’s promise did. Anyway, there are some good things to think about in here:



Ah ha! Found this database through BYU’s library, where I just read Joseph Fielding Smith’s article called Mothers in Israel:


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