1 Nephi, chapters 11-14, 15 (Looking for the Abrahamic Covenant)

Boy, so, all of chapters 11-14 are talking about the Abrahamic Covenant and nothing else. Where to even start? Notice the pattern running through Nephi’s chapters: the Nephities/Lamanites are a remnant of Israel. They receive the gospel. They even receive Christ Himself and record what He teaches them. Then at some point, they dwindle in unbelief. Then they are scattered. After they are scattered, then the Gentiles receive the fulness of the gospel, ironically through a book prepared by the remnant of Israel that they’ve just scattered. Then once they have received it, they take it to Israel. The first shall be last and the last shall be first.

The same pattern takes place in the Old World. The Jews have the covenant. Christ comes to the Jews, and some few do accept Him and His words. But generally, the Jews dwindle in unbelief. The gospel passes to the Gentiles. The records of the Jews and the additional records of the apostles get combined into a book for the Gentiles. But some Gentiles corrupt the words of Christ before they reach most of the Gentiles. Specifically, they take away “plain and precious” information, and “many covenants of the Lord have they taken away.” The Gentiles proceed with the gospel message contained in the Bible, but without an understanding of the Abrahamic Covenant. Then the Gentiles continue to scatter Jews/Israel. Some Gentiles leave their “mother Gentiles” for the New World. They scatter Israel here. Then a few Gentiles receive the fulness of Christ’s words. They become God’s covenant people and share that fulness with both other Gentiles and Jews/Israelites. The last shall be first and the first shall be last.

I’m going to look at a specific passage in the next post.


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