1 Nephi, Chapter 16 (Looking for the Abrahamic Covenant)

Hi! So, I don’t see a lot in chapter 16 about covenants. But, I do find it interesting to think of how Nephi’s description of their journey is similar or different to his description of Moses’s people’s journey. For example, he’s already written down the time when he told his brothers how the Lord fed the Israelites and gave them water from a rock, and so forth. For Lehi’s family, there’s no tabernacle or cloud/pillar that goes with them, but there is a Liahona. Is that their sort of tabernacle and cloud/pillar? It goes with them, it communicates God’s will, it directs them. I wonder. But more interesting to me this morning is the comparison or contrast between the Israelites’ moments of hunger and the Lehites’ moments of hunger. Nephi and his brothers hunt for their food, and when their bows break, no one eats. God doesn’t rain down quail in their case. They just get hungrier and hungrier. They start to complain and murmur and keep getting hungrier. Finally in their case, Nephi makes a simple bow (so simple that it’s a miracle it worked? maybe?), then relies on Lehi & the Liahona to know where to go. What significance does this story have? Why does Nephi include it? It’s got to be more than “hey look, I was more righteous than my family.” To him, I think it’s a miracle that whenever they had faith and trusted God then He helped them have food, and when they didn’t have faith, they almost died out completely. That’s a good lesson for his people who would be reading his book: have faith and God will provide for you, lack faith and you are without His help.

So while I don’t see any reference to the Abrahamic Covenant, I do (perhaps) see some comparisons to the Israelites, and Nephi often uses the Israelites’ journey as a way to connect his people to their ancestors.


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