Why did Nephi copy down all those chapters of Isaiah?

Quick thought:

I used to think, “I wonder why Nephi takes the time and space to record all those chapters of Isaiah when he already saw that the future peoples would have the Bible? And his own people have the brass plates, which is where he’s getting those chapters from anyway.” I’ve answered that in the past by thinking that maybe having them right in his record meant he was able to explain them and emphasize them. Then this round through the scriptures with one of my kids, we thought, “Nephi saw the future in vision, and he saw that the Bible would be changed and covenants and plain things removed, so maybe he finds it very important to write down all these chapters of Isaiah because he doesn’t know if they’ll still be in the collection of scripture by the time the Book of Mormon is translated!” Fortunately, it was, but I guess Nephi might not have known that.

Can you imagine if it hadn’t been, and here we were getting chapter after chapter of some forgotten prophet? I’m grateful Nephi cared that much about Isaiah to record all of those chapters for us. And I’m anxious to see Joe’s book on Isaiah in the Book of Mormon finished and published and read!

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