Ordained/Blessed in D&C 107

Just working through some details:

Seth: ordained age 69 by Adam, but not blessed and/or received the promise of “chosen seed” till three years before Adam died! (and “because” he looked like his father?!)

Enos: ordained age 134 by Adam

Cainan: ordained age 34 by Adam

Mahalaleel: ordained age 496 by Adam, “who also blessed him”

Jared: ordained age 200 by Adam, “who also blessed him”

Enoch: ordained age 25 by Adam, blessed by Adam at age 65

Methuselah: ordained age 100 by Adam

Lamech: ordained age 32 by Seth

Noah: ordained age 10, by Methuselah

Three years before he died (note, the same year he blesses Seth), Adam gathers together Seth through Methuselah, all the men he had ordained, plus his righteous posterity (were Lamech & Noah alive and there?).

Other questions: Why are ordination and blessing two separate events? Why do we need to know this? Why do we need to know ages? What about this promise of chosen seed? I know it’s come up elsewhere. But does “blessing” here always refer to that promise? Is that what Abraham was seeking after? (I think so.) Why didn’t Seth receive that promise until so late?


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