“Keeping” the Sabbath and other laws

This weekend I had the chance to teach Relief Society in our ward. 🙂 The lesson was on the Law of Chasity. I found a few quotations in the lesson that stood out to me, plus I perused a few great talks by Elder Holland and President Hinckley and others.

I mostly want to record an idea that came up just yesterday during Church. In Sacrament Meeting, someone was talking about “keeping” the Sabbath day holy. He expressed the idea that the word “keep” suggests that the day is already holy and it’s our assignment to keep the day holy in our own lives by how we live. We get to participate in something that is already holy if we live in accordance with it’s holiness.

When the woman conducting Relief Society announced the lesson title, she called it “Keeping the Law of Chastity” instead of just “The Law of Chastity.” What an interesting way to think about the Law of Chastity! The ideal of true love was established from the beginning, we’re just invited to keep laws that bring us back to that true love again. If we’re not there today, we can be in the future, because that law or ideal was established before we were alive! 🙂 I liked the idea that if something is unchanging, it means we can change to match up to it.

Kids are awake and I’m typing with a Micah on my lap, so that’s all for now. I liked the thought, though, so I’m glad I got to record that much.


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