Last night we went to see Electra, a play by Sophocles and presented by a Greek play festival. I haven’t seen that many Greek plays so I’m not sure if this is common to all of them, but this one focused on how everyone in the play assumed that justice was on their side. It was just for so-in-so to perform a sacrifice, it was just for so-in-so to die because they performed that sacrifice, it was just to kill so-in-so because they killed so-in-so for performing that sacrifice, and so on. Each character had a reason why they were being just, why “justice is on my side.” Fascinating. Justice is what we call things when they align with our worldview.

This isn’t a hugely new idea, but the play did make me think about this again. Unfortunately, so many conversations take place where each person thinks the solution to a problem is obvious, but they can’t agree because their worldviews are so different. But, we can’t just suggest that if we announce our position long enough, everyone will change. (Which is what facebook posts seem to assume!) I believe enough in the equality of intelligence that I believe that every individual may have something to add to the conversation, but of course that works best when every individual is also willing to learn from everyone else.


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